Desktop Temporarily Freezes - Posible Hard Drive Malfunction?

I've been having a strange problem for a couple of months. The matter is: The desktop (The first screen where you boot up) in my computer seems to completely freeze for about a minute or so every time I use my computer. It wont let me move any file to it or click any icons. When it finally decides to respond, the computer makes a small noise and everything I clicked or moved goes where it is supposed to be. Maybe this is a normal thing, but I don't think it's likely. Do you think I can solve my problem in some way that doesn't have me changing my HDD?

Thanks In Advance.

Some observations:
- I am running windows 8.1
- I moved the desktop folder to the G: drive.
- I am able to interact with my rainmeter skins.
- Any programs running won't stop working during the freeze.
- Sometimes the libraries in my computer (My documents, my images) will grant me access during the freeze. Sometimes they will freeze as well.
- The freezing started ocurring about 6-8 months after I built my computer.
- The freezing only got worse after I installed a new Seagate 4TB hard drive and moved all my libraries to it (Including my desktop).
- I've checked the hard drive containing the desktop using SeaTools and Chkdsk. Everything is OK according to both.
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    Hey there, Eddy.

    It really sounds like it could be an HDD issue, especially if it started when you've installed the new drive. Good job on running the diagnostic tool! HAve you performed all the tests (including the long/extended ones)? If not, I'd advise you to go ahead and run them when you have the time (as it might take quite some time for a 4TB drive to complete them).
    Another thing you could try is to connect this drive with different SATA cables (both data and power) and to a different SATA port, to see if the issue still persists.

    Of course, you should backup all of the important data which you might have on that HDD, before you start testing it, just to be on the safe side.

    Another thing which could often cause freezes/hanging of your system if it's faulty is the computer's RAM. However this doesn't add up to the unusual sound as memory modules don't make any noises. However you could still run a memory test, just to see how it goes.

    Hope that helps.
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