Cheapest PC build for AAA games and suggestions on cheapest place to buy used PC parts.

Can someone give some ideas on what would be the cheapest PC build for games like GTA 5, Cities: Skylines on 1080p medium settings at least 45fps on gta 5 and about 35 on skylines. I'll buy all the parts from eBay probably because from what I know it's the cheapest.
Also I'm thinking to maybe buy a not sure if they're called this but a pc base unit and then upgrade that into a gaming pc, would the Dell Optiplex 755 be good enough for that?
Does anyone know any other website like eBay where you can buy cheap used pc parts?
Thanks for any help.
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    Haswell/skylake i5 + used gtx960 4GB.
  2. Optiplex 755 has core 2 and that's getting near 10 years old. That's not going to be playing AAA games. Upgrading a prebuilt is usually cheaper. You can find a whole pc with i5 2400 for $130 or so. Buy a used 750ti and you can keep that near $200 without a psu upgrade.

    Depending where you live you can find better deals locally at used pc stores, thrift shops or craigslist.

    Hw/sl with a 960? I'm pretty sure if they were asking if a $50 optiplex 755 can be used as a base, they aren't looking at something that is more than 10x more expensive.
  3. But Cities: Skylines (1080p/medium settings/smooth gameplay) is not a easy task: gtx960 4GB will help a lot.
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