new gtx 1060, i5 computer build. Advice on free antivirussoftwares/upgrade paths?
Norton security came with the PC for a 30 day trail period. I want to keep my computer running efficiently/safely as possible. Could you guys recommend me free software's? Things to keep the computer clear of junk, the performance optimized, antivirus, antimalware, disk defragmentation, etc.
Free software's for benchmarking my pc's components?
I've downloaded gimp2 and hit film 4 express for both photo/video editing. Is there any free animation/audio software's of a good quality out there?
Tool's/software's that are useful?
In the future what parts should I look to add/ replace?
Opinions on the PC?
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  1. I use the free version of Avast as my main antivirus as I am familiar with it and it runs well. I put it in silent mode though as it voices out things it does. I also run scans with the free version of Malwarebytes every once and a while.

    Another useful program I use is CCleaner. I run this about once to twice a week.

    The only audio software I can think of is audacity. I am unfamiliar with video editing and benchmarking tools.
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    bit defender free or sophos home which is free as well for the AV. Prime 95 is a great stress testing tool- especially for temps and cooling capabilities. couple that with speed fan or speccy from, the same place you will find ccleaner, which is great. malwarebytes and super anti spyware should accompany your a.v., and use ADW and JRT as free tools to help stay clean. ADW now available thru
    iobit smart defrag is great, just watch out for their " install this also " routine, the free version is great,
    Dont use alot of video editing so im not much help there...
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