which brand of gtx 1060 should i buy?

i see that there are many different brands of gtx1060 gpu but do all work the same? should i get palit gtx 1060 twin fan 8gb which is the cheapest or zotac gtx 1060 6gb amp edition or the asus gtx 1060 duel fan 6gb which the most expensive of the 3
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    Generally EVGA has the best card quality and warranty service. Other brands are good too though.
  2. MSI and EVGA had a bit of a rough start with Nvidia Pascal. Customer support, especially from EVGA, compensates that though. Most brands are fine in truth, just some have better customer support than the other.
  3. Paliat is a good brand i have a few of their older gen cards go for the paliat for the 8gig of ram they got good cooling if you pick the right card as with brands tho they all have diffrent reviews & opinions pick the card you like most for ram support & longevity + reliability
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