Best LGA 1150 CPU to pair with evga gtx 1060 sc 6gb

I want to buy a evga gtx 1060 sc 6gb and i currently own a gigabyte h81m-s2h MOTHERBOARD
what is the best cheapest cpu to pair with that,
and that will not bottleneck?
any advice on what i should do ?????
or should I upgrade my motherboard to lga 1151 ??
help please i dont know what to do ??
I Also only have 8gb of ddr3 ram at 1600 mhz what do i do?
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  1. buy a i5-4460, should be compatible with your mobo, the ram wil work with it and it isn't overclockable since your mobo doesnt support it, perfect combo.
  2. wont that bottleneck the gtx 1060 6gb
  3. webbyonmic471 said:
    wont that bottleneck the gtx 1060 6gb

    no a i5 will not bottleneck the gpu

    the motherboard might since its a pci 2.0 motherboard not a pci 3.0 i doubt it will lose much performance though

    a higher card you would probly notice the diffrence

    budget and cost ?
  4. not sure tbh i read everywhere that the 4460 bottlenecks the gtx 1060 6gb
  5. webbyonmic471 said:
    not sure tbh i read everywhere that the 4460 bottlenecks the gtx 1060 6gb

    well the fastest i5 i would recomend is Intel i5 4690 its either that or going i7 which is costly

    like the other has said you cant go k as its not worth it if you cant overclock

    it also really depends on the game granted the i5 4690 will be better
    i7s are only good if it takes advantage of more then 4 cores or threads

    you uk or usa
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    It depends on what game(s) you play. Some it won't matter if using the 4460 or 4690k oc'd along with the 1060, others like bf1 it will matter and a slower lower end i5 will bottleneck the 1060. The ram should be fine for most games. The best cpu for the 1150 would be the 4790k, has both high clock speeds out of the box (since you can't oc on the h81 board) and hyper threading but has a premium cost. The 4590 is usually priced very similar to the 4460 and is around 300mhz faster, I'd try to shoot for at least that.

    A skylake cpu like the 6600k would be faster but that means a new cpu, motherboard, ddr4 ram and a reinstall of windows (along with a cooler if going with the k series). Not sure what your budget is or what you consider to be 'worth it'. Some people will find 10-15fps (depending on the game) worth a few hundred dollars in upgrades and others won't.
  7. I can tell you with certainty there would be no CPU bottleneck at all.
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