Serious Performance issues, please help?

Hello, my specs are as follows. Just built this PC 2 days ago

GPU: AMD Radeon RX460/REV1.1 2gb (Model No. GVRX460WF2oc2GD
MOBO: Gigabyte F2A68HM-H
CPU: AMD A6 740k
RAM: 1x8GB Hyperx @1600
HDD is an 80gb 7200rpm from an old rig
Basic case and 400Watt PSU
Monitor: Samsung 150s (Model No.GG15LUSS)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

When i am in counter strike global offensive, everything on Low besides anti aliasing (x8) i am getting less than 40 FPS according to the console option cl_showfps 2

I have no idea why this is happening. I am aware that the GPU is PCIE x8.
Radeon Settings is telling me that the Memory clock speed is ony 1750 when it should be 7k.
Can someone please shed some insight on what could be wrong?

Thank you.... I am very flustered with this at the moment. I have built MANY pc's and have never had an issue like this...
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    Your processor is very weak, and AA is very taxing.
  2. Would that really make me get such low fps??? ive used this cpu before and got way higher fps. AA is mostly gpu based
  3. It is a very likely portion of it.
  4. I dont see that being the problem for my fps. my cpu doesnt go over 70% usage in csgo, i have everything on lowest now, no AA, 800x600 resolution and my FPS went lower... Any other ideas?
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