Mini PC case which can fit amd FirePro w7100 graphic card


My building new server which I can take easily and travel

I m using FirePro w7100 graphic card
So which is solid hard pc case for this card
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  1. EConfig.-1 :- this configure can set on cabinet

    Intel Core i7 5820K Processor

    Asrock X99E-ITX Motherboard how about asus x99 pro

    SilverStone TD03 Slim SST-TD03-SLIM AIO Liquid Water Cooler

    FSP AURUM AU-750M 750w 80+ Gold Power Supply

    16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz RAM

    AMD FirePro™ W7100. Workstation Graphics

    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD

    120 GB Intel SSD 535 Series

    24x SATA DVD-RW LG

    MS Windows 7 Professional 64Bit OEM Pack
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    With an AIO liquid, and a full ATX PSU, that'll limit the 'small' options available to you. Add in a DVD drive, and you're getting even bigger.

    If you want to drop the optical drive, this'll be about the smallest you can go:

    Keeping the optical drive, i can see these two being about the smallest available:
  3. Hello

    Please see the attached mini watchout server which has capture card where you can see dvi y cable taking 2 input and multiple rc input

    I want to know is it possible and which capture it is

    I m also building small server but the problem is aslrock itx x99 motherboard has only 1 pcie slots i need atleast 2 or 3 slots

    1 graphic card w7100 or w5100
    2 dvi capture
    3. blackmagic
    And also can we fit asus x99 pro in cooler elite 130 cabinet case
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