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Hi guys,

So here is the situation, I have 3 routers and together I need to make 2 separate networks. I have one router/modem combo courtesy of internet provide that is simply there to distribute the internet to routers 1 and 2 wireless is off on it. As it is right now, I basically plugged in both routers to the modem and its working alright. However.... I'm getting issues when it comes to games, I'm getting massive packet loss and running a few programs it seems to all be happening at my router and I'm not sure why. Also when running multiple things like streaming Netflix on my Xbox while downloading something on steam basically brings everything to a halt. I don't lose network connection but download/upload drops to 0 on both devices until I turn one off.

Networking is not my forte so I'm sure theirs some minor set up work I need to do to these routers. As for the second router I have no idea how that's going I share my house with some exchange students and they basically watch Netflix so they haven't complained.

Any advice would be much appreciated thanks!
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    Your router configuration and your packet loss has nothing to do with one another.

    Either your main modem/router is going bad, your secondary router is bad, or your internet connection is bad.

    Have you tried plugging hardwired device direct into modem/router and bypassing your router to see if you still have the same problems?

    If it is the modem/router then you should just get a modem only. Might want to buy one and test it just to see, and if it is still has problems then return it and call ISP. If your router has good features/firmware then put it first, and configure the port used for router 2 as a geust network/vlan which will prevent it from accessing the rest of your network; otherwise put router 2 (exchange students one) first and yours second.
    When you replace the modem you will have to call ISP to tell them the MAC of the new modem.
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