Secondary HDD Shows 0 GB

I have a manufacturer refurbished 2 TB hard drive that my computer says has no storage. When I open disk management it says it can't initialize the disk and says it has 0.0GB. I have checked and re-checked the cables and the drive does boot up. It does not show up in the BIOS.

Hitachi YGJ2D2UA
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  1. Hey there, @NUBETOOBER39!

    If you manage to get the HDD recognized anywhere in the system, I'd strongly recommend you run your HDD manufacturer's brand-specific diagnostic utility and determine the health and SMART status of your secondary drive. If swapping the SATA cables and the SATA ports didn't help the system detect the HDD properly, then I'd recommend you plug it in another working PC and see how it would get recognized there. Make sure you backup all your data from the drive as soon as you can access it.

    Another thing you could try is connecting the HDD externally via a docking station/enclosure (with an AC adapter because 3.5" HDDs need additional power supply),

    If none of these work and the diagnostic tests fail. I'm afraid you will need to turn to a professional data recovery company for help with the retrieving of your files.

    Keep me posted with the troubleshooting, though!
  2. I have tried plugging it into another PC, but that one didn't recognize it. The good (or maybe bad thing) is that it was a new drive. I'm assuming it was most like DOA, but I will try the diagnostics utility to see if it can help in any way.

    I tried to use Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test and it cannot detect my drive. My computer can still detect it under Disk Management, but anything else cannot. Note that the DFT could not recognize my Samsung SSD, but that is most likely due to the fact that it is not a Hitachi brand.
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    This sounds pretty unfortunate, @NUBETOOBER39!

    I'd suggest you refer to the link shared in my previous post again and find a third-party diagnostic tool alternative that could most probably help you recognize the HDD. If it's a new HDD, then you should most definitely get in touch with the manufacturer's/reseller's customer support and send an RMA request. The drive should still be covered by the warranty and they can provide you with a replacement product.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions!
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