Upgrading HD7870 to GTX 690? + Side question about power supply

Currently I have the following in my system:

AMD A8-5600K CPU
Overclocked to 4.2 GHz
ASRock FM2-A75-M DGS Mobo
2 x 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz
VTX3D HD 7870 Black Edition 2GB Graphics Card
Overclocked to 1200MHz base, 1600Mhz memory and +20% power
Corsair RM 750 PSU (The yellow one, not the 750i or 750x)


My most commonly played games are:
TF2, CSGO, 7 Days to Die, GTA V, Borderlands 2 and Planetside 2

I play Arma 3 but rarely due to its terrible AMD optimisation.


I want to upgrade my graphics card as it is getting weak, has sub-60fps in most games and has terrible screen tearing issues, but I only have about £200 (just under $250) to spend on a new one. I would however, only be able to buy from UK/EU retailers as postage from other parts of the world would be ridiculously expensive.

One of the cards I was looking at was the GTX 690 - It probably seems to be an unusual choice but compared to my current card, it blows it out of the water spec-wise and should give me a noticeable improvement and can be found for about £100 on eBay.

What are your thoughts? Is there another card that you guys would recommend?

Secondly, the GTX 690 has a TDP of 300W, which concerns me. Some calculators quote a PSU recommendation of 1000W+, whereas others say that a 500W+ PSU would suit fine.

It's all a bit contradictory, so if someone could give a more definitive answer on how suitable my 750W PSU is, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks for any help and feedback you can provide :D


I should probably add that I want to move to an intel+nvidia setup over time.

Playing ARMA 3 at 9fps which is lower than my friends old celeron laptop is insulting. A lot of games generally tend to be better optimised for intel and nvidia setups.
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  1. A GeForce GTX 690 NEEDS 46 amps on the 12v+ rail and a decent 650 watt power supply.

    650W is the specified need from Nvidia.
  2. preferably, it would be nice to save upa nd get a whole new rig completely. the A8 and 7870 are quite well matched pair. If you were to upgrade the GPU without overclocking the CPU past 4.8 GHz or getting a new CPU, the A8 is a small bottleneck for the 690, which is in short, 2 GTX 960 or 950tis.
    endure on and get a new rig. New as in a whole new setup.
    if you still want to upgrade get a GTX 1050 or an RX 460. save the rest for a good CPU.
    in my opinion though, get a new rig.

    and hello fellow planetman

    and keep in mind a usual 600w PSU has 46 amps on the 12v rail
  3. With some extra research I've found that ARMA's problems are mainly from the CPU being AMD, rather than the problem lying with the graphics card.

    I have found an RX 480 8GB for £230, which isn't too much over my original budget.

    If I were to upgrade my CPU in the future then it would almost have to be Intel if I wanted to play ARMA.

    I would probably save up about £200-250 (~$250-300) for it and the motherboard.
    What CPU + Mobo would you recommend?
  4. Best answer
    Easiest is to buy a new CPU, keep your current gpu for now.
    New: i3 6100+ H110 mobo, 8GB DDR4 ram
    Used: used i5 3570k or anything better, matching board, use your current ram.
    7870 is a r9 270x, which is quite good for 1080p. Overclock that.
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