PC newbie, good computer, very bad frames

I built my first computer a week ago, and downloaded several games that i have been planning on playing, one of which being Overwatch. I started playing at home, had all my drivers installed, and was playing at 60 frames (capped) with ultra epic settings. After the weekend, i packed up my computer and headed back to college. However, when i set my computer up at my dorm, i got about 40 frames on low settings. I tried to uninstall and re-install my gpu drivers, but nothing changed. I used CAM to monitor my GPU and CPU, however they were running at max capability with low temperature.
I have:
A Z97 Gaming 7 Gigabyte Motherboard
an I5 intel 4960 processor
and i am using windows 10 64bit
any tips are appreciated, thank you
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  1. Did you plug monitor back into the gpu and not the motherboard after the move?
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