Black Friday sale on computer building?

I really want to build a good computer but I'm finding my perfect build to be a little too expensive right now. I have a good £1000 to spend but I don't really want to go over that. My simple question is - does Amazon have good price drops on computer components near or on Black Friday? (I'm asking for other sites as well but Amazon is my 'go to' when it comes to online purchases.)
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  1. it can do, check, they often have bundles and discounted components on their 'today only' page. and also have offers pages.
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    BF sales are to remove depreciated and overstocked items normally. So that mean for example if you were looking to build a 'current model' computer, that be a Intel iCore based on the 6xxx series, they would be having 'sales' on BF for 4xxx series based computers and components (like DDR3 which can NOT be used on 'current' model computers, which can only use DDR4 for example).

    The other half is a 'bait and switch' which is they have 50 iPhone7 to sell (for example) but they know they will get 2000+ customers, so they put between the doors and the iPhone all the 'other' Xmas gifts they can buy 'on sale' when they can't get the iphone.

    Same happens online, so you know, they work off your emotions and influence the shopping.

    Best source to find pricing for parts is . You can compare prices and you will know in your local denomination including your TAXES you all pay over there for the items.

    Last warning; MOST BF items are for AMERICAN sale ONLY. So ordering via the Amazon Brit page won't yield you the sale price.
  3. has black friday events for the UK, they have sale items, whether it's what you want, different story, but SSD's are often on sale, RAM less so, occasional GPU's, HDD's.
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