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The year before last, I built a budget PC with a GTX 970. It developed a fault and they gave me a refund. I haven't replaced the GPU since. Now I'd like to play DotA 2 and a few of the newer titles, perhaps Civ6, Batman, Tomb Raider.

To complicate things, my monitor is a cheap 60Hz, 4k display and looks terrible below native resolution. Therefore, I need a card that can handle 4k to some extent, perhaps at medium to high settings.

I don't mind spending money on a 1070, but I think it'd be too powerful for my rig. My CPU is an i5 4430. There's so much conflicting information on whether it'll bottleneck or not. I'm fairly sure I was CPU bound playing GW2 with the 970 so upgrading from that doesn't bode well. I also only have a 500W PSU.

My full part list is here:

I'd rather not upgrade other components if I can help it. I'll probably build a new PC in a year or two and give this one to friends/family. I'm not really sure what to do. Buy a PS4 instead?

Your expert wisdom would be most appreciated!

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    As Resolution increases, it puts more load on GPU not cpu. Increasing resolution doesn't change things like draw calls, which are cpu intense.
    A GTX 1080 is about as good as it gets right now on a single gpu.,4572-8.html
  2. I want to ask you some questions myself- what is your screen model? And do games look bad on all lower resolutions, or 1080p is fine?
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