No post, power turns off right after VGA light comes on during self test.

First build:
Asus Maximus hero VI
2x4 gb ddr3-1600 Corsair vengeance
Asus 2gb GTX 770
SeaSonic 760w

The problem originated when I would restart and the computer would get stuck in a boot loop until eventually working again. That worked for awhile until eventually it would not boot completely. I have read countless forums and tried many different ways to fix this. A known working computer is not an option, but along the way I have pretty much bought a new computers worth of parts. Still to no avail. The parts I bought to replace are as follows:

Asus z97 Gamer Pro
Generic Ram 1x4gb ddr3-1333
Same GPU
EVGA p2 650w

I feel as if the world is telling me I need to stop trying and return it all. Currently even with any combination of parts the new MoBo and PSU will shut off almost immediately after the VGA led turns on. With or without the GPU installed same results. I have breadboarded it, same results. I need all the help I can get. Please and thank you.
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    I'm sure you've done this
    PSU: DC multi tester testing, borrow other PSU, try your PSU on friend's motherboard.
    motherboard: m/b+1 ram+cpu, m/b+2 ram+cpu, m/b+2 ram+cpu+gpu, m/b+2 ram+cpu+gpu+hdd. any beep among those set? if hero iv doesn't have buzzard then plug speaker or headset to audio jack.
    CPU: plug 8 pin? dried thermal grease? defect cpu socket pin?
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