High CPU usage but low utilization

As a disclaimer, I'm not very knowledgeable or proficient with computer hardware or software things.

DxDiag: https://gyazo.com/5d95974ad403859bc297fd3ce470334c

So one afternoon, I booted up my computer and opened up a game (FFXIV) for raid, I usually would run it around 120-150fps with task manager saying it's using around 50-65% cpu. However, my fps this time was around 10-30 with the task manager saying it was using only 12-20%.

Chrome was also being horrendously slow and my memory and CPU usage also said it was low.

As raid went on for the next 3 hours, my fps fluctuated between its normal range and the low range, mostly staying in the low range most of the time.

The only questionable thing I can think of that happened in the recent month was the day before this happened, I stuck in an external hard drive to see if what I forgot was on it. It took a long while for my computer to read it and it never finished, so I manually took it out and both my monitors turned grey. After trying to use CtrlAltDel and waiting a bit, I figured it was hopeless and force shut downed. I turned it back on afterwards and everything seemed and performed fine, it was only the day after it acted all odd.

I tested other games like Witcher3 and Overwatch.
Witcher 3 ran perfectly fine but Overwatch crashed saying my Gpu was being overworked, so I undid my overclock. However, after undoing my overclock, the Witcher 3 started to run at below 30 instead of the usual 90ish and Overwatch was running at below 20fps.

Things I tried

* I tried re installing my Gpu drivers as it was already updated

* I tried going into msconfig and checking/unchecking memory and processor cores

* I did the HEAVEN benchmark and it worked fine but after undoing my overclock it ran like significantly worse (I did not even overclock by that much, so I do not believe it was because of that)
* I ran a stress test with Prime95 for an hour and it all went fine

* I ran an intel processor diagnostic test and that went fine

* I ran a windows memory diagnostic and that went fine

* I ran a hardrive scan and repair and that went fine

* I ran a windows system scan and that went fine

* I used WinAero tweaker when I first built my computer in January to disable all windows10 updates and just yesterday disabled that to download all windows 10 updates, still no change.

* I went into BIOS and tweaked some things like disabling/enabling Intel Speed Set-up, changing the values on CPU ratios and such, to no avail.

* I went into Windows Power option and changed stuff around and made sure it was using maximum performance and it was.

* I opened my case and made sure nothihng was loose or anything, nothing I found was loose seemingly

* I did a clean uninitall and reinstall of my graphics drivers with guru3d, nothing

* Played with BIOs a bit more, disabled intell speed set up, increased power limit and voltage; nothing

* Undid all overclock using BIOs and MSI afterburner, nothing

* MSI afterburner, diagnostic scan, CAM, and BIOS all report my cpu temps being around 22-25C and GPU at 34C

However, I tried using CAM whilst playing Overwatch,FFXIV and while in idle and found that all my CPU cores are at 100 or above 80 with temperatures of 20-25C with utilization of 20-% and speeds of 0.77GHz-

Hopefully this screenshot will tell what i'm trying to say better (This is whilst in idle with no processes open other than the ones shown and skype and discord)


The core clock speed keeps hovering around 801MHz with a voltage of .88V which I'm pretty sure is not supposed to be like that. Sometimes it randomly, whether im doing something or not, just spikes back up to the usual 3.7k MHz clock speed and then goes back down after some seconds.

I'm not very sure what to do anymore, there are also no previous states to which I can do a recovery to, so that's out of the question.

I dont know if its a hardware issue or software and how to fix it.

Edit: An example of CPU-Z and ingame info (overwatch)


Edit2: CPU-z benching my CPU against the reference version of my CPU (Stressing it against the reference CPU yields similar results; way under performing what it should be)


Edit3: Was randomly fine for a whole day but around 11pm it just started and stayed back down at .77MHz core clock whilst I was doing nothing but watching youtube
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  1. Try to go to power options in windows and set the power plan to performance.
  2. Dragos Manea said:
    Try to go to power options in windows and set the power plan to performance.

    Already did that
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