I'm going to buy parts one at a time what order of parts should i do?

What i mean is i plan to buy parts month by month you see i get 300$ a month so what order should i buy stuff i was thinking this way.
First month
Case 60$
DVD/CD writer 20$
Hard drive 50$
RAM 60$
PSU 60-70$
So 260$ for the first month
2ed month
GPU 260$
3ed month
CPU 200$
MOBO 60$

4th month
Windows OS 10 90$

anyway any thoughts as to why not just save the money last time i saved my money someone took my money and i just don't want to risk it.

Oh and i don't think it matters but it's winter here where i live so it's going to be cold like 30 F or less.
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    things that don't really outdated, you can buy first. so getting your case, your DVD-drive, keyboard, go ahead
    for all the performance sensitive parts, like CPU, board, GPU I'd wait until you got the cash to order all of them at once.
    for example, you order the GPU, I assume a GTX1060, in december but your CPU in late january. meanwhile there's a Rx490 released by AMD that offers 8-12% better performance than the 1060 at the same price. so now you're sitting for a month on a card that you can't use anyway and by the time you can finally use it, you could've done way better. or alternatively: payed less for the same part.

    I suggest, saving up for 2 or 3 months and then ordering at once.

    as said, if you find a good deal on your case, or there's a special promo offer for the PSU or the CD drive, you can order this anytime.
    as for the other parts, I'd order them together.
  2. Upper suggestion should be taken into consideration.

    Also when you order more touchy parts all together, it's easier to RMA if needed. Life motherboard, ram or gpu. Like I said, upper suggestion is great
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