Dual monitor mount for 2 24" monitors ?

I'l looking for a dual monitor mount for my 2 monitors (BqnQ XL2430T and BenQ GL2460HM). I also want to place my monitors like this --->

I want 1 monitor infront of my for gaming and one to the side for movies, etc. I don't know if i need a mount with longer arms to run this time of config. Can anyone suggest a low cost dual monitor mount for what i need ? I've been looking and every single one that is under $200 seems to be cheap to do a good job at what it's supposed to do. Do i really need to spend $300 to get a decent mount for my monitors ?

I live in Canada by the way.
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    You can take a look here.
    I'm not sure if being in Canada is a problem though with this Web site:

    One mount that I did see that looked interesting was this one:

    Most dual mount set-ups are under $100 so hopefully you'll find something....
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