PC turns off while playing games

My PC shuts off like there is a power cut after starting a game. 1-5 Minutes after starting the game the computer will turn off. Also the computer is fine to watch videos except for playing games.
I replaced my case, motherboard, cpu and ram - reinstalled windows and still I have the same problem. Before I made these changes the computer would not turn on unless unplugged and then plugged back in again but now the computer restarts after a second or so.
PC Specs-
Z170-Gaming K3 EU Motherboard
EVGA Superclocked 980 Ti
Intel i5 6600k
Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM (2x4gb)
Corsair CS650M
Windows 10 Pro, just reinstalled
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    I have no idea sir but I think u should check ur.psu
    I heared bad ideas about the power u mentioned... of u can.. unplug the cables and check it.with another psu if u can borrow from
    Best regards khd
  2. Computer turning off is typically PSU or thermal related.

    Try swaping PSUs

    Did you apply new thermal paste when moving CPU?
  3. I reapplied thermal paste, replugged in all cables but still the same thing. I guess it must just be my power supply. I'll try replace that. Thanks
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