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So whats the best gaming laptop. I would.get a desktop but I'll be traveling a lot. i need help picking a mouse and a headset. Thanks
Screen size 15-17inch
Price range 1500-2000 for laptop
Mouse 100 bucks
Headset 250
I'll use this laptop for a few years ik in the future when new games come out i wont be playin games at ultra settings and thats fine with me. I just cant have a desktop while staying in a barracks.
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  1. price matters alot, also what screen size do you like?
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    In my opinion, none.

    A proper gaming laptop comes with a very high price and unless you can afford to replace them fairly often (every 18 to 24 months) as they become obsolete, a gaming laptop is just a bad idea.

    -Wolf sends
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