seagate 1tb external hard drive not being detected

so i have a seagate external harddrive im trying to connect to my pc. (the motherboard is a gigabyte ga-z68a-d3h-b3). I have gone to the motherboard's website to update my drivers for 3.0 but they're (almost) completely dead. they are not recognised as having any problems in device manager and it says everything is up to date. the hard drive itself works when plugged into any other usb port on my pc, and i've tried the two 3.0 usb ports in the back of my computer by plugging other things like my phone or whatever but it wont work. however when I first plug in the hard drive the light on the drive turns on before going off. I don't now what to do and could really use some help!

thank you!
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  1. Cross-posting is not allowed here - - - consequently I've deleted your duplicate post on the "Motherboards" forum.
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    Hi there Papastachio,

    Are all these devices even powering up?

    Have you checked if the drivers are up to date? In case they are and taking into account all the things you've tried, then I believe it may be a good idea to contact the MOBO's Support on that. There may be something wrong with it.

    It would not hurt to attach the drive to another computer with USB 3.0 port.

    D_KNow_WD :)
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