Upgraded CPU and had to reinstall Windows 10, now I can't install and get system service exception error

I bought a new CPU Fx 8370 for black friday and I installed into my pc and continually got different BSOD errors constantly. I was told to just do a clean install of windows 10 so i reformatted my SSD and now during the install I get the BSOD system service exception when I get past 60% of Windows 10 installed. I am completely lost on how to correct this at this point.

My Specs
FX 8370
16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 (2x8GB)
MSI Gaming 970 Mobo
Rosewill 1000W PSU Bronze
120 GB SanDisk SSD (Where I'm trying to put my OS)
H60 Corsair Liquid CPU Cooler
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    system_service_exceptions are frequently caused by driver conflicts (and some anti-virus programs). If you've deleted partitions & formatted your SSD, it's odd that this would occur. Do you have applications (or an OS) installed on your secondary storage? I would disconnect your HDD and try again.
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