Need help choosing graphics card

Hi, I currently have a Desktop, (HP Elite 7500 MT) Specs are :
-Intel i5 3470
- Mother board : "Pegatron Corporation" Model 2AD5
-Total ram of 6 GB DDR3
- AMD Radeon HD 6450
I wanna upgrade to a graphics card which can run newer games at 30-50 FPS ( Like GTA V ) but I got this geeky friend who tells me I can't do GDDR5 cards, only DDR3 .. I'm a tech noob so please clarify and tell me my budget friendly options :) Thanks, Peace.. P.S. tell me if I posted less information or not.
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  1. if it can run a 3rd gen i5 , iam pretty sure it can run a gddr5 gpu
    and for the best gpu for that budget would be the rx 470 4gb , and don't pay more than 180$ even though you can find it for 160$ i think
    and don't think about getting 1050ti ,its only 20$ cheaper and alot weaker
  2. hmm that i5 would still run even a gtx 1070.

    but i would just recommend a gtx 1060 or an rx 480

    and if you can upgrade your ram to 8gb, better if 16gb

    and check your power supply if it is at a good tier and or its wattage is sufficient enough for your gpu upgrade.

    by way your friend is bs ahhahah..
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    your geeky friend is wrong. all that matters is whether you have a pci-e slot, you do, that's it.

    Knowing you power supply would be useful.
  4. i think i just saw the specs, and your pc only has a 300 watts power supply, so just to be safe i recommend you just get a gtx 1050 or a 1050ti.
  5. Thank you all, also wouldn't a GTX 1050 be a pain in the wallet ?
  6. Never mind I just read the first one, I'm stupid, thanks again everyone
  7. I'm thinking of going for this one ... Price in US Dollars is around 220 .. Is It worth it ?
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