Does this come with the stock cooler?

Hello, I was just about to purchase components for my first build and when I was about to buy my I5 6500 I realised that I hadn't checked if it came with the CPU cooler and pre-applied thermal paste.

Although this is "fullfilled by Amazon" I wasn't sure if the seller would supply the whole thing (despite the picture)

Reading the top question asking about if there was a stock cooler included and the answer was yes. I'm not sure if it matched with the supplier I was planning on purchasing from. (I'm still quite new to Amazon and don't know if the questions stay there regardless if the seller changes)

Sorry if I worded this in a confusing way.
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    It's going to be the same product regardless of the seller. The 6500 comes with a stock cooler with thermal paste reapplied.
  2. 6500 comes with stock cooler as long as it's new and retail version.
    that one should have.
  3. As long as it is not the 6500K or what they call a "tray" version, it will come with a cooler.
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