does a 6100 or 6600k come with good thermal paste

if not will buy some when i place my order tonight just wondered
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  1. I'm confused to what you are buying. an i3-6100 comes with thermal paste since it has a stock cooler. An i5-6600K does not come with thermal paste, because it is just the chip. You will need to ge tan after market cooler (Hyper 212 EVO or Cryorig C7). I recommend the Arctic Silver 5 as it will last for quite a while.
  2. K series processors will need a cooler. Most coolers have paste. Never hurts to have some around.
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    Two cpu's are listed, the 6100 is an i3 and is a locked processor which ships with a stock heatsink and has thermal paste pre-applied. The 6600k is an i5, an unlocked processor and ships with chip only as Corwin65 and Herc08 mentioned. You'll need an aftermarket cooler which generally ships with at least a single application of thermal compound but best to check the list of included parts/materials for the cooler you choose if going with an aftermarket cooler.

    As5 isn't bad but there are others like arctic mx4 or prolimatech pk1, noctua nt-h1 etc which may apply a bit easier and don't have a length 'burn-in' time. As5 suggests 200hrs of heat cycling to get that particular thermal paste at peak performance, other thermal compounds don't need to 'cure'.
  4. i have a coolermaster 212 evo dont know where the paste is so am going to order some wondered if the processors come with some havnt yet decided wich cpu am going to buy yet
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