looking for a good cheap alternative video card to the rx 480 and gtx 1060

im looking for an alternative that is future proof and can play old games current games and highly intensive games on 1080p with 60+fps
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    Those are the alternatives. Those are mid-level cards and the low-end mid-level cards at that. You could get a 1050 Ti but it's not nearly as good as a 1060 6GB and probably won't max out anything at 1080p, save for very old games. Even Skyrim won't max out on a 1050 Ti. The cheapest option that MAY do what you want is a 1060 3GB, but thats still about $200 and won't max out everything but will give good performance and probably max out most stuff at 1080p.
  2. What's your budget?
    Why don't you want a 480 or 1060?
  3. There aren't really any other alternatives aside from maybe getting previous gen cards with similar performance like the R9 390 or 390x or the GTX 970 or 980. If price is an issue you might be able to pick up one of those used for relatively cheap. Make sure you have a decent power supply if you go for the R9 390 or 390x, they are very power hungry cards compared to the RX 480 or GTX 1060.
  4. There's the R9 Fury which is a fantastic deal atm, but you need a good psu.
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