overclock DDR3 RAM from 1600 to 2400Mhz

Hi Guys,

i have this sticks so total 16GB 2x8GB RAM which run on 1600Mhz. Can i overclock them to 2400 to lower cas bla bla for better performance or keep same cas but higher Mhz?

if yes do i need something special for cooling like cpu coolers ...?

i can see this article that RAM can go higher but does it kill the ram? is it going to have short ram life?
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    It is not advisable to overclock the RAM, it is better to buy the RAM that is guaranteed and made to run at 2400Mhz, it doesn't cost much more.

    Your motherboard limit is 2133Mhz for ram, the ram that run at 2133Mhz ussualy come with RAM heatsink, the one you have don't have them so they can be damaged if overclocked.
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