Sound on my PC suddenly stopped working overnight

I was using my PC everything was running smoothly I shut it down and next day I start my pc and no sound and the sound icon in the system tray has a red "X" to its right and says (no speakers or headphones are plugged in) and I tried my headphones and speakers on another PC and they worked so I dont know what the problem is I tried plugging them in every possible well hole ( by that I mean I tried the front and rear ones) to no avail and under device manager under "sound, video and game controllers" I can only find "Nvidia high definition audio" and under system devices there are two ones called "High Definition Audio Controller" the bottom one has a yellow exclamation mark next to it and under properties it says the device cannot start (code 10) and when I try to update it it says I have the latest drivers and uninstalling the drivers and restarting my pc didnt work either I even downloaded my motherboard's audio drivers and installed them manually but to no avail even when I search for realtek in the search bar "Realtek HD Audio Manager" appears with "control panel" written under it and when I click to start it nothing happens and troubleshooting didnt work either I have an H110M S2PH motherboard and I am using onbard audio (no dedicated sound card) and use Windows 10 I hope I was clear and detailed enough I really need immediate help as I cant use me PC without sound and thanks in advance for your responses (also I found a registry fix that told me to delete two registries called upper and lower something)
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  1. Try installing geforce experience. That worked for me in a similar situation.
  2. You mean update it?
  3. Sorry Didnt work
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    Maybe try uninstalling and removing the registry entries of geforce experience with something like iobit uninstaller, then checking the audio settings after a restart. As you indicated - it doesn't sound like a hardware problem. The fact that it just spontaneously started without doing anything is suspicious. Did you install anything either new hardware or software, or was there an update to your OS? Things like this generally don't occur in a vacuum ie unbidden. So you might want to check your OS's log to see if anything DID occur prior to the break. Alternatively all I can suggest is drastic - like trying an OS reinstall or repair. Out of ALL the problems I've ever had with my own rigs, audio problems have generally been the most time intensive to solve, and infuriating. Good luck!
  5. I cant thank you enough the sound worked perfectly after deleting geforce registry entries
  6. Happy to help. Happy holidays. :)
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