Can we connect a 3g dongle (USB) to a adsl (RJ11) port ?

I have a usb 3g dongle , and a wifi adsl router , the adsl router do not have usb port , I was thinking that maybe we can take the only two DATA (d+,d-) from the usb port of the dongle (the 5+ voltage and ground with separate circuit)and combine it to a RJ11 connector on the modem , will the modem dial the connection ?,,, will the adsl modem think the d+ and d- as a telephone cable and accept the connection...
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  1. Not a chance. It is not just a physical connector thing. ADSL actually uses ATM to send and receive data to the modem/router. The USB dongle is not even standard it varies a bit by provider but it does not use ATM.

    You are going to have to buy a router that both has USB ports and has support for the particular dongle and ISP you have. Some ISP do not release enough information so some dongle are not supported on any router.
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    the ports of your adsl that send network information to your computer for example, is not RJ11 but RJ45 and the answer is simpler than that defined in your post, you could get this and see if the 3g device will run, remember USB device Normally need drivers in this case your not telling the modem what to do with it. it may or not work
    but for 5$ its worth a try I guess I highly doubt it will work though
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