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Networking isn't my strong suite but I was hoping to get some help on these questions. I think question 1 is dealing with a router issue since those devices cant reach out to the internet. Question 2 looks like it is dealing devices are on the wrong VLAN. The only thing I can come up with for question 3 is for auditing purposes.

1. A workstation can communicate with other devices inside the building, but it cannot connect to the internet or any devices outside of the building, why might this be?

2. There is a closet with several stacked switches and patch panels most of which are full. You are tasked with hotting up drops in the closet. You complete the task, but upon returning to your desk you discover that network traffic has been brought to a crawl and in some cases, workstations have no connectivity. What might have caused this?

3. Changes are being made to a server. These changes could be anything from patching to changing share permissions, updating drivers, etc…why is it important that the local administrator account is not used to make these changes? How do you end your session with this server?
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  1. These maybe questions, but they are homework questions, and that is not something that we help with.
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    Many users have posted homework questions and tried to pass them off is real life issues to get us to do their homework for them (scary to think that they will then enter the workforce without actually understanding anything).
    You are asking if your answers are right.

    1) Could be router, but could be issues in layer 2 devices
    2) Not familiar with "hotting up" in reference to drops. I get UK uses "hotting up" instead of "heating up" but still not any help for this example
    3) Correct
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