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Hi. I'm a complete novice and don't really know much. My son is wanting to upgrade his graphics card to the GTX 1060,but I'm pretty sure his psu is too poor - Acbel pca022-ZA2G max 300w. Can anyone recommend a budget conscious upgrade psu for this graphics card and what else there is to consider.
This is the desktop he has -

Asus M52AD-XTREME-UK001S, i5-4460, NO LCD, NVIDIA Geforce GTX745 (4G DDR3), 8G, 1TB, DVDRW, Win 8.1 64B, 802.11 AC, BT 4.0,

Socket H3 (LGA 1150)

Any help greatly appreciated
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    You can get either this...
    or this...

    What you need to consider is the pc case dimension and whether the new card and psu will fit in it. Otherwise its a good upgrade to consider.
  2. Big thanks for you help Hellfire. A friend stated that if we go for an upgrade on the psu we may have to upgrade the motherboard too for the GTX1060. We don't really have the budget though,so wondering if the Socket H3 (LGA 1150) is adequate? Thanks
  3. You dont need to upgrade your motherboard for the sake of psu. Your current motherboard should be fine.
  4. Great thanks for helping me out.
  5. welcome
  6. What gtx 1060 would your recommend Hellfire? Thanks
  7. All of them are more or less equal. This is one of the cheapest ones and clocked significantly higher out of the box. Should be a good option.

    Then again check for case dimensions before you purchase. If the above doesnt fit, this should ideally fit as its the mini version and performs equally well.
  8. Brilliant thanks again Hellfire
  9. welcome...
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