Sparknotes of AMD vs Intel and nVidia vs Radeon

Just would like to know the key differences and purpose of going each route. Which way is better amd with nvida or intel with nvidia.
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  1. CURRENT GEN amd platform (am3+) is dead. don't buy a cpu for it. Intels 1151 socket is still alive, but AMD is releasing am4 platform and new CPUs soon.
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    Nvidia has more powerful & power-efficient GPUs in the form of the GTX 1070/1080.

    AMD has more price-competitive GPUs at the lower end of the spectrum that will trade blows with the GTX 1060/1050 in the form of the RX 460/470/480.

    Currently, either a 1060 or RX 480 is a great buy in my books.
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