Need help asap installed new gpu stuck on press esc for startup

Okay so i got a hp pavillion h8-1120
Here is a link with all the specs

Had for many years and the original gpu overheats when i play LoL or minecraft so i bought a new gpu gigabyte 2gb 128bit geforce 730 when i turn the pc on it goes to a blue hp screen that says press esc and never leaves the screen. I can press f10 f12 and it goes to a black screen with computer specs but never leaves as well. I also bought a new power supply 600watt so that isnt a problem

Things i have done:
Removed old gpu with software that removed all traces of old gpu (i think)

Reset motherboard cmos removed battery and removed lil pins next to it and plugged back in

Went to hp site and updated bios

Toke out new gpu and computer works fine running directly from onboard graphics. Computer also runs fine with original gpu plugged in it just shuts down pc when playing games

Please help if anyone has any info
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    Aside from dropping back down to a 600 series gpu you could see if the manufacturer has firmware available that is bios compatible, some gpu's even had a switch to switch them from UEFI mode to Bios. Lastly you might want to contact MSI and see if they will still flash you one of their gpu's with Bios compatible firmware.
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