What is causing my pc to crash..

So i just built a new pc I7 6700k 16gb of crucial ddr4 and evga 970 ssc ftw+(my old card) a crucial 256gb ssd seagate 2 tb hdd asus z170-e motherboard and a evga 750 g1 power supply everything seems to function perfectly fine i can play games for hours with no problem but i can't seem to play my favorite game.. Overwatch.. The pc will crash sometimes as soon as i open it sometimes it will work for awhile but i have tried so many things running without hdd running without ssd without graphic card with it did a fresh windows install used ddu to clear my drivers cleared overwatch did everything i can think of but i can't seem to run overwatch anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Also when it crashes it turns off then turns right back on like nothing happened.
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