Is it worth upgrading the cpu (Core2Duo e6400) in my Asus P5B 775 socket mb

Is it worth upgrading that cpu to a newer/faster old one?

For minimal cost.
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  1. i would keep saving up, even a sandy bridge upgrade would be significant.
  2. So it wouldn't be worth keeping to upgrade the cpu, it would just be a spare computer.
  3. if it is just a spare then save money, don't wast anything on very old tech
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    even if you get a e8500 you wont notice much of a boost .. heck even my old q9650 which was supposed to be best(not including the core2extreme that i have yet to witness IRL) of the old class isnt doing all that great anymore.. I'm just waiting for AMDs ZEN to be released and ill swap it all.. ive got an old hd 7950 3gb GPU and its heavily bottlenecked by my q9650 which is best you could get now.. not to mention.. PCs arent meant to last forever.. that comes VERY true around mobos.. my old p43 is dying slowly and getting a new one is impossible now.. you can test your luck on used ones but its like a coin toss.. either you get one that will last you a year.. or you get one that will die on you in next month or so..

    in all honesty youre better off getting something newer .. any i series cpu from 3th gen onward or amd's FX 8XXX should blow you off you chair when you part with your old and true c2d cpu and give that one a run..

    i know its hard.. ive grown quite fond of my old 775 socket rig.. but.. its time we move on mate xD
  5. Ok thanks.

    Do you think it's worth keeping the case and PSU (Powercase model PPh512TUV (500w) power supply)?
  6. Psu is something i dont like to take chances on.. What you have looks one of them tier 5 "no name" psu.. And if its even as half as old as mine was before it started acting weird.. Mate in all honesty if you get everything replaced and get a completely new rig..its just not worth messing up with this one. Also check this list.. Id recommend you to check the psus on tier 3 of this list. Those should be more than good enough and budget friendly.

    As for case.. It doesnt really matter much.. Its a matter of personal prefference if you like your case and intend to keep it then by all means do so. Atx mobo will fit in your atx or any other atx. :)
  7. Thanks, it's just an old pc that's not needed but I was deciding whether to throw it away or not.
  8. yw :)
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