Double port forward for two ports

Im trying to make it so i can have my database server still portforwarded as it is now and also have another port to forward. I have seen tutorials for double port forwarding but it usally takes the first one to port forward to the 2 router. Any ideas how to do this or will the way iv seen work
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    The number of ports you can PF is only limited by the routers involved. I assume by "double PF" you mean double NAT, since you are talking about 2 routers.

    Assuming: WAN1--->router1--->WAN2--->router2--->LAN--->Clients

    router1 configuration should say: Any requests from WAN1, port x, forward it to router2 WAN2 IP, port x
    router2 configuration should say: Any requests coming to my WAN2 IP, port x, forward it to LAN client IP y, port x.
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