want to upgrade dell inspiron 1525

Operating System
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5800 @ 2.00GHz
Merom 65nm Technology
3.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15)
Dell Inc. 0U990C (Microprocessor)
Generic PnP Monitor (1280x800@60Hz)
Intel Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family (Dell)
Intel Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family (Dell)
232GB Western Digital WDC WD2500BEVS-75UST0 (SATA)
Optical Drives
TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA Device
High Definition Audio Device

can I Get advice on how to up-grade this baaad boy... i would really like a better chip set but dont know what to get..ty for your time
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  1. You won't be able to change that much in that laptop. You could get another 2GB DDR2 SODIMM (to have 2x2GB) and a SSD. But changing CPU in laptops is difficult, as some comes with it soldered down into the motherboard, and also it is very expensive.
    Try to get any cheap core i3 laptop if you want to have performance improvement without spending a fortune.

    Best Regards
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    First off you may have dual channel ram, but there is no way it is running in dual channel mode.
    Second you are running a 64 bit OS on less than 4GB of ram. Until you get more than 4gb of ram and above you only need a 32 bit OS, and in fact on less than 4 GB of ram a 64 bit OS could cause some performance problems.
    At a minimum, you need more ram. I suggest a 2x4gb kit that will work with your MB.

    IMHO you would be better served by building a whole new system, maybe saving the HDD and optical drives. If cost is a concern, then I would wait and save up for a new build. Upgrading your current system would cost too much for the minimal gains in performance.

    Silly me, I didn't even realize that this is a laptop:pt1cable:.
    Like grmnlxndr Said there is not much beside ram that can be updated in a laptop. My comments about ram are still valid, with the caveat that the laptop might not support 8gb of ram. If 4gb is all that it will support, then see if you can get a 32-bit version of Windows to install.
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