Best pcie 2.0 graphics card for Intel i3 2100 processor

I want to buy a gpu that my pc can handle.
Pc details:
Intel i3 2100
Ram 8 Gb
Motherboard Gigabyte H61M-S2P-B3 which has PCIe 2.0 slot
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    PCIe is backwards compatible, so don't focus much on the 2.0 aspect. Newer GPU's will run just fine.

    What PSU is in there? That'll play a factor too.

    With an i3-2100, I personally wouldn't pair anything greater than a 1050ti or RX460 (maybe an RX470) - but those are ~75W (1050ti's) to 120W (RX470), with some variants of 1050ti's and RX460's needing Aux PSU power, and all 470's needing it..... your PSU will be a big factor.
  2. I have Circle CPH694 400 watt psu
    Is it ok for i3 2100 and gtx 1050 ti?
  3. Never heard of it, so it's difficult to say 100%.

    Most 'off-brand' PSUs can't provide their labeled wattage so, while 400W is sufficient in theory, I can;'t confirm.

    All I can find online regarding 'Circle' is they're an 'off brand' and supposedly 'fake' their 80+ certification, using cheap components. I can't find a review to back it up, so it's entirely heresay.

    I would suggest replacing it on the basis of no reliable review existing for it.
  4. How about Corsair vs450?
    Can you name other good psu's.
  5. 'Good' and 'affordable' don't always go hand-in-hand.

    Where are you located?

    The VS450 is not good. It's better than 'Circle', but I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find something that's truly good quality for a reasonable price.

    Anything by SeaSonic or XFX are fine to go by 'brand' alone, but anybody else it depends on the specific model.

    If you can find a Corsair CX450M, an XFX or SeaSonic in the ~400W range, you'd be fine.

    Beyond that, it'll depend on your location & budget.
  6. I have a i3-2120 from 2011 and I recommend getting a 1050ti or 1050 or maybe even a Rx 460. The reason i suggest these is because i have a 1050ti in my build and i haven't seen any big bottlenecks but maybe just a little, But you will be fine.
  7. I'm from Mumbai, India.
    I'm convinced with gtx 1050 ti and definitely going for it. Just psu is the issue cause i have limited budget. What if i go for Corsair CX 430 ( 3500 rs or 52 USD). I can't afford beyond that ( i am a student and totally dependent on my father for money
  8. The CX430 isn't great either. Are either the EVGA 430W or 500W available to you? While I wouldn't recommend then normally, they're a good bit better in quality vs the CX430 or VS line.
  9. EVGA psu's that you mentioned are not available here in India (atleast in online markets; not sure about local stores)

    After some research I found these popular psu's which got good reviews online and they are in my budget. These are the best psu's that i can afford.
    Antec VP 450P
    Antec VP 500PC
    Cooler Master B500
    Cooler Master Thunder 450W/500W
    Corsair CX 430M
    Which one should I choose now?
    Seasonic s12II 520W is also there but it is just going beyond.
  10. I will only say , according to thom's own PSu teir listing ,my Corsair CX is like the worst I could have for my computer, yet, its have been working without a single glitch for 6 years now.. so looking at that listing as a reference I would have to be forced to say seasonic, only because India power lines are not the best filtered power lines in the world and you better have a proper "really strong" PSU dealing with the "shenanigans the currents will bring "
  11. @SuperSaiyan10, If you can stretch to the S12II 520W from SeaSonic, that would be a very smart move long-term.

    If not, the Antec VP450P is the best of a relatively poor bunch.

    @The Paladin, the older CX lineup is by no means the worst you could have. I've seen plenty of poorer options while browsing to assist members in India (lots of off-brand, Diablotech etc), but it's also very, very far from the best. You also have the CX750 (from you sig), which is actually a little better than the lower-wattage 430/500's. The new CX's are acytually pretty good (CX450M / 550M / 650M)
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