How do I set up 2 routers with 2 different ISPs where a certain port is blocked on 1 but passed through the other router?

I want to have 2 networks that can talk to each other. On 1 I will be using my DSL connection on the other I will be using my satellite connection. I want the satellite connection to handle all the FTP requests and the DSL handle all my browsing. I tried this already telling windows 8.1 that I wanted to use the DSL as the default gateway in properties of the network adapter and tried to port forward the satellite to FTP port. It ended choosing the satellite for all connections for all computers all the time.
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  1. There is no simple way to choose a path by application. There are some older software that I forget the name of that hooks into your pc and forces traffic by the application. Last I saw the win10 anniversary update completely broke it again and I do not know if they fixed it.

    If you can find the IP of the ftp server you want to access you can do this with routing. Put the satellite router on say ip (assuming you main is on and disable the dhcp server. Plug the lan ports together. You would then use the ROUTE command in the pc and use a router add command for each ip and set the gateway ip for that ip to
  2. How would I do it with routes?
  3. Pretty much you need to read how the ROUTE command works.

    Start with route with no options it gives you a help screen.

    What you are trying to do is not typical so you are going to have to learn how subnets and gateways and ip stuff works. To a point it is lucky that microsoft has not removed commands like this unlike apple that feels if you do not do it like everyone else then it does not need to be done.
  4. I want my router that is connected to the satellite to handle port 563, nothing else but want to be able to browse and download from http on DSL. Is there no way I can set this up in the routers? It was almost working once when I had http and https forwarded to my DSL router's ip address however it bypassed my VPN which is taken care of on the DSL router, whenever I would visit it would show my DSL ISP.
  5. Tress36 said:
    I want my router that is connected to the satellite to handle port 563, nothing else but want to be able to browse and download from http on DSL.

    Now you changed requirement from original post.

    What does port 563 precisely do? what kind of app it's running? you want LAN-initiated, WAN-initiated sessions or both?
  6. Someone told me if I setup a pfSense router then I could do it. But I don't know how, I have it installed just don't know how to configure it.
  7. It is still done the same way with route commands they are just different than on windows boxes.

    Your problem is the same as if you went out and bought airplane and then come in and ask how you fly it. You either spend the time to learn the basics of network and linux in the case of pfsense or you hire someone. There is not some magic click box that will do what you want you have to actually key in the configuration yourself
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