CPU Fan stuck at max, again

I've had this problem before and I somehow fixed it about a year ago but now it is back. My CPU fan is stuck at 100% and is loud and rattles. The cooler and fan I have is a Cooler Master 212, the fan is a 4 pin and it rattled right out of the box but only at full speed. I've tried Speedfan, it works but it resets each time I turn on my computer. It used be controlled automatically and stay silent each time I turned on the computer. This happened today as I was putting spare ram from another computer in mine to test performance differences and when I went to take the memory out I somehow got to the screen to either Start in Windows Recovery (recommended) or Start windows normally. I chose to start windows recovery, because it recommended it, and then the fan cranked up to full speed. It is getting frustrating that I can hear the fan rattle from two rooms away and I can't find a way in the BIOS to change auto fan speed, only target CPU temperature.
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  1. What is your motherboard model?
  2. hussainali88 said:
    What is your motherboard model?

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    BakedPotato65 said:
    hussainali88 said:
    What is your motherboard model?


    I see.

    Your MB is the same as my old motherboard.

    I had this problem before and as far as I remember the solution was in (Windows 8 Configuration) option, I don't remember really but one the three options inside should be disabled. (MSI fastboot) or (Fast boot), disable one of those option and enable the other, save the configuration and the fan should be at back to low speed. It seems one of Windows 8 option was causing a problem with fan controller.
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