BIOS Update To Run Haswell-E CPUs?

Everyone here has probably heard of PcPartPicker. But there is one thing that bothers me. The website states that some Intel X99 motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to running a Broadwell-E CPU's. Is this just PcPartPicker being careful? The motherboard I am using is the Asus X99-A ( on Amazon) with a Intel i7-6800k CPU, though I may upgrade that to a Intel i7-6850k if the price drops ( on Superbiiz) Can you please tell me if this notification will cause any problems. Note that I am a first time builder.
On a side note, is there a even better motherboard I can get for around the same price?
Thanks for your help!
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    With that board, you can use the Flashback if a BIOS update is needed. If buying it, if you wish, post back when getting the board for checking if a BIOS update is necessary.
  2. It's partpicker telling the truth , as some boards out there still don't have a current BIOS loaded to support the those chips.
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