Frequent BSOD and random restarts (Please help)

I have had this annoying problem for 2 months now, and I haven't solved it yet.
I bought an HDD (many said that it's the hdd problem. my hdd had bad sectors)
I've formatted it to Windows 7 64bit as many sites says FX-4100 can handle it.

However, this problem of mine still annoys me. Back then, it was restarting with or without BSOD within 5-15 mins. Now, it's like that but occurs somewhere 40mins-1 hour.

My pc has been working for 2 years now and i didn't had this problem. I don't know what's that cause of it.
CPU: FX-4100
MOBO: GA-880gm-d2h rev 4 (i use its onboard graphics [Radeon HD4250])
PSU: generic 500w
HDD: Seagate 1tb with new SATA cables

I would really like to solve this issue, i wanna play so bad :( and i use it for my projects.

-> Dec.28 9-11pm
I've had 2 bsod and 1 'distort then restart'. After the 2nd, i shut it down to give it a rest
The 2 bsod are
-System service exception
- page fault in nonpaged area
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  1. can you download and run who crashed:
    it will create a summary of the errors and might show a cause

    copy/paste results in here and I see what I can do :)
  2. I tried to boot it up (safe mode with networking) to download the app, but it crashed into a blue screen "The Session Manager Initialization..." something like that. At first it was able to go to 'loading files' but it doesn't really load files, you can't see the .sys files being loaded
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