Looking for best SSD for old Alienware M14XR1

Need to upgrade my 2011 M14XR1. I am a musician and gigging with a laptop so a HDD is no good, the vibrations are shaking the harddrive on stage, and ontop of this I've just had to buy a new battery :(

I found many old threads about this topic and I understand time has moved on so perhaps there is a new best candidate to my question: I'm looking for the CURRENT best SDD (500gb) for my alienware M14XR1. I think many people suggested some years ago the Samsung 840 was great but two things, one, new SSDs are out, and 2, my laptop I'm told doesn't support mSata speeds / higher speeds so no point me buying something I cannot use.

Do any of you have any potential SSDs I could look at please? Looking for the cheapest yet most effective 500gb SSD for my Alienware M14XR1.

Old laptop.... hate throwing money at this to keep it up but no chance of a new machine for a couple of years minimum! Grr
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    Any middle of the road SATA3 SSD is going to be a vast improvement, as you say, just look for one that gives you good value per GB of storage.

    For £100, something like ....
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