New power supply - need to know if it has the correct pins for my pc.

Hi, I recently bought a geforce gtx 1070 gygabite g1 gaming graphics card aND have to upgrade my power supply(because it doesn't have eno ugh watts nor an 8 pin pci cable) so I was going to up grade from the rx350 as to this: based off if the watts and the fact it has an eight pin pci cable. However I just wanted to make sure that I would have all the correct amount of pins to plug it into the other components in my pc. So I was wondering if the new power supply has all the other pins plus an eight pin. If more information is need to help answer my question I will do my best to help. Thanks in advance and any help is apreciated.
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    500W is the minimum required for the GTX 1070. That PSU will be fine, but you may want to consider something in the 600W range for a little headroom. Yes, it has all the connections you need for that card. It would help if you listed the rest of your system; motherboard, CPU...
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