Palit GTX 750 Ti StormX OC 2GB Gddr5 128Bit vs MSI N750GTX TI TF OC 2GB DDR5 128BIT

Hi, so as stated on the title, I was just wondering on what are the actual difference? I was told that there's this so-called dual pumped and quad pumped? Was told as well that the latter is better. I've searched google but not really getting a clear explanation. Also a thing to note is I'm a newbie when it comes to these terms, so the reason why I came across such is because based on:

Palit GTX750 Ti StormX OC 2gb gddr5 128bit - the memory clock is: Memory Clock (DDR 5500MHz) I was told that it was dual pumped,

on the

MSI N750GTX TI TF OC 2gb gddr5 128bit - Effective Memory Clock
5400 MHz, I was told that it was quad pumped,

was just wanting to ask before I buy because the difference in pricing is $50 (MSI being the more expensive one), based on our local pricing, so which is better ? Is it really just the brand that's why its more expensive ? Because I was told by another person that the higher the clock rate, the better. Thanks!
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    They will perform pretty much equally , go with the cheaper one.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    They will perform pretty much equally , go with the cheaper one.

    Thanks for the quick answer! Would go to the shop now,
  3. Glad to assist.
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