Malware / Ransomware -- HP ProBook, Windows 7 Professional -- Help, please!

Last night I picked up a nasty computer virus. (No kidding, 9pm on New Year's Eve. Does that suck or what??) It is ransomware that poses as a Windows notification. It claims it is a Windows program running in the background, and that it has detected something taking my "bank account information, passwords, and credit card information". Which, of course, it isn't. It demands that I call an off-shore number immediately for assistance to make it go away. The only way I could stop the loud recording that accompanied it was to cold boot. After rebooting, it found that the ONLY thing impacted, apparently, was my Astrill VPN. Given that I live in China, this is a big deal. My browser appears to be fine, but my Astrill will not launch. I tried reinstalling the Astrill, but it did no good. I started researching, and found that this nasty bit of business has been making the rounds. I'm now researching my option for Malware Removal Programs, even if I have to pay for it. I can't work (seriously, can't do my job) without my computer (using my hubby's at the moment), and right now my HP ProBook (running Windows 7 professional) is a pretty and expensive paperweight. Any help will be greatly appreciated. --- OH! One more thing -- I have IOBit Uninstaller. I uninstalled Astrill and reinstalled. Nope. Nothing. Same issue. I also ran Windows Defender and Advanced System Care, and IOBit Malware Scan. Nothing. This is a nasty one for sure.
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  1. I assume your husbands pc uses Astril too? If so reinstall Astril and copy the settings from one to the other
  2. Just red how you can't do that... TBH you should wipe your laptop and start agin. It's the only way to be sure the malware is gone
  3. PaulBlack said:
    I assume your husbands pc uses Astril too? If so reinstall Astril and copy the settings from one to the other

    I uninstalled Astrill and reinstalled. The problem remains. :-(
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    Hi!! Got an answer to this. I just got incredibly lucky. I have both AVG (free version) and Advanced System Care (free version) as my virus protection. Just on a flyer, I ran both simultaneously on as deep and long a scan as I could. I started it on my way out the door to go to work, since I knew it would take pretty much all day, and just let it do its thing. When I got home, it was healed. I haven't had another moment's problem. AVG indicated that it found & removed 9 threats, while the ASC said it found nothing. So, thanks AVG!!
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