Really low budget build. (Questions about PSU)

Hi everybody, straight away to point im new and im urgent in help.

Im trying to build really low budget pc, right now i got:
1. Motherboard - Gigabyte f2a68hm-hd2 with a fm2+ cpu socket.
2. Storage - 500gb hdd from Seagate.
3. Case
And last one is PSU 250W from FSP GROUP INC. i would say 2010-ish model as it came from another pc which had Win xp as default. (Ask me if you need more details about psu)

The question i want to ask is it powerfull enough to hold of AMD Athlon x4 840 and Gigabyte GT730 2gb video card? I still dont have them bought but in a week or so i will buy them. The thing is im affraid of powering it up after all parts are in. Maybe there is some kind of cheap and reliable PSU's on the market?

P.S. I'm really low on budget, By saying that i mean £150(pounds) and £100 will go for cpu and gpu. Thank you

EDIT: Found my case: could you help me finding best fit of psu for it.
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  1. I'd spend the cash and replace that power supply, at that sort of Wattage it's obviously from a prebuilt system and they're notorious for being 'just good enough'.
    How's this for starters?
  2. Gpu is biggest demand in my built system, as it recomendations of psu are 300 watts so it should be enough. Ill try to find the same psu but maybe for the lower price. And thank you for help.

    EDIT: I've found this corsair psu im thinking about taking this one as it is a bit cheaper (and every penny i spend i need to count) and next question will it be compactible with my built ?
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    The question is how much this PSU can deliver @12V.
    Doesn't matter if it's 1000W or 200W when it can only deliver 100W @12V

    Make sure to grab a PSU that can actually deliver enough amps @12V
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