Just got new RAM. Motherboard beeping like no RAM installed. I tried putting my old stick back in. Same Issue.

I have the ASUS z97-A gaming motherboard, and I just got 16GB of new dual-channel RAM (2x8gb) to replace my old 8gb stick. I checked the motherboard manual to make sure they are compatible and to the best of my knowledge it seems that they should work. I seated the sticks correctly and tried to boot only to get beeped at (the no RAM installed beep code). I tried each of the sticks individually. Same issue. I tried to reinsert my old RAM stick. Same issue. I don't know what to do. Please Help!!!
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    ASUS z97-A gaming manual mem ok page

    Asus board come with a mem ok button, its an internal compatibility system , when you swap memory on a board like it, the system was expecting a different ram and needed you to press the mem ok button to adjust itself to it to get the best performance out of it.

    1. make sure you have the latest bios on your board
    2. take power off PSU
    3. put new memory properly in slot 1 and 3 as per manual page
    4. apply psu power
    follow the instructions on the manual page
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