Computer freezing after adding new hdd and ssd

Yesterday I add a second 250gb ssd and a 1tb 7200 hdd to my pc which is already running a 250gb ssd system drive and a 1tb hdd. I had the drives sitting around thought I might as well use them. However since installing them its been freezing constantly mostly on boot-up at the windows logo but also sometimes it'll get to the desktop before freezing.
Is this likely to be a power issue? Surely a 650w psu can handle 2 hdds and 2 ssds I dont know much about this stuff but this is all I can think of, any ideas?
my system
i7 4770
16gb ram
msi z87m g43
msi gtx 1080
seasonic x-series 650w psu
samsung 250gb 840evo (system)
seagate 1tb hdd
WD 1tb hdd (added yesterday)
WD 250gb ssd (added yesterday)

Update: so I've disconnected both new drives and I'm still getting the same problems. On my first boot up after removing the drives I got to the desktop and everything worked for about 5 minutes then everything except the mouse froze. I'm lost can only think of doing a total reinstall which is a massive pain. Any ideas much appreciated!!
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    Hey there, Derek.

    Sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with your drives.

    So it sounds like the problem is coming from elsewhere. Since you've added new drives, it's possible that you might have dislodged a cable so I'd recommend that you check if the drives you currently have in your case are properly connected. You should also try booting with the SSD alone (all other drives disconnected from the motherboard), to see if the same issue occurs. If the computer keeps freezing, you could try the SSD with a different SATA port and cables as well, to see if that changes anything. Is the freezing has stopped, the reason for that could be your other 1TB drive or its cables and/or port, so give it a go with a different cable as well and download its manufacturer's diagnostic tool to test it for bad sectors and errors, to see if anything alarming pops-up.

    Don't forget to backup all important data which you might have on those drives before you start with the suggestions I've written.

    I don't think this is a power issue unless you have a faulty power supply unit. T650W are more than enough for your system.

    Hope that helps. Please keep me posted.
  2. Hi Boogleman
    Thanks for taking the time to reply, thought I'd tried everything until I read your reply and realized I'd used 2 new sata cables one of which was connected to my system drive, I swapped it for an old cable and bang its been running perfect since. I'm only running my original hdd since I now need more cables but I'm pretty sure that was it.
    Damn cheap cables its not the first time I've been caught out !!
    I have by the way tried both new ($3 sata3) cables on the system drive with the same result:(
    Anyway thanks heaps for the help I'll go get some pricier cables tomorrow
  3. Good job! At least it turned out to be a minor issue. :)
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