Which brand of GTX 1060/RX 480 should I buy?

So the time has come to upgrade my r9 270x to new new card, a card that could push games at maximum 1080p detail levels with lesser demanding games at higher resolutions. I've done my research and I'm stuck between the 6GB GTX 1060 or the 8GB RX480. Problem is, my main desktop is a solid black build with blue LED's and many of the cards out on the market today cater towards red themed builds so MSI, Gigabyte, and a few other brands are out which leaves a few left. I don't want to go with EVGA because their cards are expensive and look disappointing this gen, and don't want to go with SAPPHIRE because I've had troubles with thme in the past so I'm at loss for which brand to go.

I've thought about this 6GB 1060 from GALAX which goes for around the same price a the 3GB models, but I don't know much about their reliability.


Just on a side note I have an i5 4460 and 8GB of ram. Also running a 1080p 60hz monitor. But may want to upgrade in the coming years.

Anyway I'm up for any suggestions at this point and any input would be helpful. Thanks!
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  1. I prefer ASUS.
  2. or MSI...That's what I've used. My old EVGA was too loud.
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    THIS (Asus Strix) RX-480 8GB is the card I recommend:

    AMD is more future-proof as it shares almost identical architecture to game consoles. ASync Compute hardware is helping, but also expect GCN specific optimizations to help, and this makes more sense to create due to all the consoles with GCN GPU's.

    *The Asus Strix looks black but has LEDs (RGB) you can program on the backplate and the side.

    I've got a GTX1080 (NVidia) so I'm not a fanboy (I'd have gone AMD but I couldn't wait any more for a high-end product). I simply think it's the best card. I also bought an EVGA FTW but it has a fan issue I'm sorting out. If I had to do it over I'd have gotten an Asus Strix GTX1080.
  4. i have a i5 4460 and got a gigabyte xtreme gaming 1060 6GB over the rx 480 simply because of the temps and power consumption. I would go with MSI or Gigabyte since those are the most popular ones,other than that really every aftermarket is the same apart from cooling. I like gigyabite cooling and have been using those cards for years,you can change the LEDs on almost every card but also keep in mind that a lot of people have been complaining about the gigabyte g1 because it SEEMS to have a coil whine problem for a lot of people
  5. review of Asus Strix RX-480 8GB

    *Investigate the fan noise issue. Fan RPM was too high, so hopefully that's fixed or you can set manually (I'm sure you can).
  6. ASUS are good. MSI gaming X is my choice.
  7. Yeah, I'm using their Gaming X one. Lowest fan noise. They are pretty much the same except for cooling and even there there's not much variation. They just set the world record with em too. People are clocking em past 2000 on stock cooling. Little beast.
  8. I think I'll go RX480 Asus this time. In case I do want to 4K I could always crossfire those bad boys but for now I'll stick with team red. I wanted to go Green dye to some trouble with SAPPHIRE before, but no SLI/Async is a turn off this gen. Those strix cards are expensive but look so sick! Also I have a good 550W Bronze PSU from XFX so I'll be fine power wise.
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