i3 2120 + GTX 960 2gb a good match?

As the title says:
i3 2120
4gb ram
120gb ssd
1tb hd
GTX 960 2gb

A buddy of mine would like to know if upgrading his gpu would make any sense.
He has a budget of $200. He's wondering if getting an R9 390X (clearance for $200) would be of any help. I told him he should look into a cpu upgrade. But cpu + mobo will cost more money.
He doesn't plan to upgrade anytime soon after this.
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  1. In order to make your compuer driving more fluency, I advise your friend add a new 4gb ram with same clock first.
  2. A 960 would be a good match, is there some reason why he's looking at a 960 and not a 1050 or 1050 Ti? I think the 390x is far too much card for his system. Of the new AMD cards, the RX 470 is probably the upper limit of what he should consider and even then I think maybe that's too much. An R9 380 would be better if he could find a deal on one.

    He could buy a Sandy Bridge i5 quad core and use it in the same motherboard, that would be a cost effective CPU upgrade. I agree with you235 that he should add another 4gb ram to his system if possible.
  3. Thanks for the response guys.
    He already has the 960. I agree about bumping up his ram.
    He wants a solid 60fps at 1080p. He gets that on most games. On some games he has to tone down the eye candy to maintain 60fps.

    I guess the 1050 isn't a big upgrade from the 960. I'll look into a QC Sandy Bridge i5. Thanks.
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    Oh, I thought you were asking if the 960 was a good match. If he already has the 960 he would know if it's a good match or not from the performance he got.

    In that case, a 1050 or 1050 Ti or 380 are not upgrades for him. He'd need to move up to a 470 or 970 or 1060 at least to really count as an upgrade. Considering it's an older i3, that's not worth it in my opinion. The extra memory is worth it. If he does grab an i5 at some point then the better GPUs make sense for him.
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